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Monet: The River of Dreams

Claude Monet visited London numerous times between 1870 and 1901, painting some of his most important works in the city. Why was he repeatedly attracted back to the foggy and overpopulated urban capital when his impressionist work was otherwise so concerned with light and nature? What was the city like when he visited it in the 1870s and 80s? How was he received by the London art establishment at that time? Professor John House is the Walter H Annenberg Professor at the Courtauld Institute of Art

Painting the Soul: Byzantium to El Greco

Professor Robin Cormack, The Getty Research Institute and Courtauld Institute of Art The development of icons from late antiquity to the period of El Greco. Icons flourished in Constantinople as both aesthetic and functional objects serving the whole range of Byzantine society. As Christian art changed in response to other religions and shifts of power in Europe and the Middle East, the forms and function of icons changed too, and developed in differing ways in different countries. Professor Cormack explored some of these changes and the meanings behind particular images.
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