Category: Comparative religion

Does God 'Act'?

Does God act in our world or is that too anthropo-morphic and simplistic an idea? Is the deepest reality something that acts and intervenes in human affairs?

Thou shalt not kill - not even animals?

Animals are different from humans, but there is no one difference and only some differences are morally relevant. Too many moral theories say "only one thing is relevant to how we treat others" and affirm that animals meet, or fail to meet, the relevant requiriement. But life is more complicated, because there are scores of relevant considerations and the treatment of animals needs to be considered carefully case by case.

The Truth is In between

How do we know that what we believe is true? This question is made more difficult whenever we find someone of good faith who disagrees with us. Can all religions be telling the truth? One of the most important issues in inter-faith reflection is the question of religious 'truth'. What is it? Must it be self-identical, or can something be 'true for me' and not for you? What conception of truth is not only coherent and adequate, but also most conducive to inter-faith understanding?
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